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The Problem

A couple years ago, we had the pleasure of meeting Sandy Birchwood and Paul McPherson, founders of a nonprofit called The Umuthi Project. They were a brand new organization and were eager to reach the people and need they saw in Mozambique. After realizing that it was through farming that the majority of these people earned their income, they began structuring their cause around educating and equipping them with farming methods where traditional farming techniques weren’t suitable due to weather, soil and other natural causes. The Umuthi Project approached us with a need to clear up their story to gain more donors and ultimately teach these farmers in several different countries the best techniques for their ground and climate. We helped them organizationally with a little more than just telling their story.

The Solution

Through several strategy sessions and various coaching calls with us, Sandy and Paul, realized the scope of their passion was extremely large and might be unattainable. The question that was posed was this:

What if you shift the idea to focus on a single location and help farmers in that one land attain what they needed to be successful? How much greater would your impact be?

So that’s what we did. We helped them shift their focus from farming techniques to equipping farmers to create sustainable communities, and they honed in on a single location; Rwanda. We worked with them as they developed their For The Farmer campaign, building a web experience that would motivate their audience to purchase products and donate the cost of tools and coffee trees among other necessities. Through their site, they were able to spotlight a specific farmer from Rwanda, and on that farmer’s page, they could give toward that famer’s campaign.

Since the site launch, they have doubled the income of 20 family farmers, and are working to more than double their impact in Rwanda next year, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

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